21 Things Project Management

Project Management of 21 Things

The 21 Things Project began in 2008 with four friends and instructional technology specialists in Michigan. The 21 Things 4 Teachers was the first site, followed by 21 Things 4 Administrators, 21 Things 4 Students, iPads in Action (formerly 21 Things 4 iPads), and most recently MiTechKids (formerly 21 Things 4 Kids).

The co-creators and project management team include (left to right): Janice Harding (Macomb ISD), Dr. Jennifer Parker (Macomb ISD), Carolyn McCarthy (Shiawassee RESD), Melissa White (Ingham ISD), Kay Hauck (Clare-Gratiot RESD/Gratiot-Isabella RESD), and Tina Tribu (Kalamazoo RESA).

Established in 2008

original creators

Original creators, (l to r) Melissa White, Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, the late Frank Miracola, and Carolyn McCarthy. The team created 21 Things 4 Teachers, 21 Things 4 Administrators, and began working on 21 Things 4 iPads with the REMC-RITS state group.

Janice Harding joined the team

In 2011, Janice Harding joined the team.

21 things 4 ipads developers

21 Things 4 iPads
Developed in 2012

In 2012, the REMC-RITS group began developing the 21 Things 4 iPads (l to r, back): Andrew Steinman, Stacey Schuh, Josh Bridges, Melissa White, Janice Harding, Kristin Day, Sue Summerford; (l to r, front): Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Brad Wilson, Andy Mann, Dr. Anne Thorp, Greg Marten, Tina Tribu.

Streamlined the Site in 2013

Streamline ipad site

The 21 Things 4 iPads Core Development Team began streamlining the site in 2013 (l to r): Anthony Buza, Brad Wilson, Andy Mann, Greg Marten.

ISTE in 2012

ISTE in 2012

The team takes ISTE by storm in 2012, rolling out 21 Things 4 Students (l to r: Melissa White, Janice Harding, Carolyn McCarthy, and Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore).

ISTE Seal of Alignment ISTE Seal of Alignment

In 2014, team members enjoyed the ISTE Seal of Alignment reception in Atlanta, Georgia. (l to r: Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Janice Harding, Valerie Coffey, Melissa White, and Carolyn McCarthy).

Reception in Atlanta Georgia

In 2015, the team welcomed Kay Hauck (Clare-Gladwin RESD/Gratiot Isabella RESD) and Tina Tribu (Kalamazoo RESA.

2015 Team

21 Things 4 Kids Launched
as MiTechKids in 2017

21 Things 4 Team

The team continues to work to promote any time, any place learning for K-12 educators based on the ISTE Standards for Teachers, Students, Administrators, and Coaches and best practice in education.