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21 Things 4 Educators - "Things"

Formerly known as 21 Things 4 Teachers, the recently redesigned educator site features professional development for teachers in 1-3 hour sessions designed around FREE tools/apps and the ISTE Educator Standards. Includes grab and go resources for instructional coaches to provide just in time training. Check out the awesome table for free tools, pedagogy, learning objectives, and hands-on activities for your participants. This resource has held the ISTE Seal of Alignment since 2014.

21 Things 4 Educators

21 Things 4 Educators - "Blog"

The Blog: Digital Age Teaching & Learning

Join the conversation about digital age teaching and learning! What's new or what's in the news? Let's talk about best practice strategies, our favorite new tools, trends in educational technology, models for the community.

21 Things 4 Educators Blog

Mi TechKids

What started as 21 Things 4 Kids is now MiTechKids! Designed for K-5 teachers to use with 20+ minute lessons that integrate free technology tools/apps, the content area, and the ISTE Student Standards. Use the "Task Cards" online or print the lesson. Search using the Task Card Index, including platform, content area, device, and more!

MI Tech Kids

21 Things 4 Students

Middle School (Grades 5-9) technology curriculum designed around free tools/apps and the ISTE Student Standards. Students are guided through"Things" (overarching technology concepts) and Quests (activities/projects). Students are given checklists, formative assessments, and can earn badges and certificates. Popular with teachers who like the teachers guides, learning objectives slides, and can customize the content in a Learning Management System (e.g. Google Classroom, Schoology, Moodle, BlackBoard, Canvas, Classroom Notebook, etc.).

21 Things 4 Students

iPads in Action

21 Things 4 iPads was created to teach educators how to be more productive with their iPad devices.

iPads in Action iPad Basics
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