Project Management of 21 Things

The 21 Things 4 Project began in 2008 with four friends and instructional technology specialists in Michigan: Carolyn McCarthy, Frank Miracola, Jennifer Parker, and Melissa White. Jan Harding joined in 2011, followed by Valerie Coffey, Kay Hauck, and Tina Tribu as part of a REMC-RITS statewide project in collaboration with Macomb ISD, Shiawassee RESD, and Ingham ISD. The work team expanded to include the expertise and feedback from Instructional Technology Specialists across Michigan's 56 Intermediate School Districts.

The 21 Things 4 Teachers was the first site, followed by 21 Things 4 Administrators, 21 Things 4 Students, iPads in Action (formerly 21 Things 4 iPads), and most recently MiTechKids (formerly 21 Things 4 Kids).

As the project continued to grow and expand, the 21things4 project split into work groups to better facilitate each element of the project. Under the direction of the State REMC Association and Shiawassee RESD, Carolyn McCarthy began managing the 21things4students and Melissa White took over the MITechKids site. Macomb ISD's Jennifer Parker and Jan Harding began managing the 21things4educators site and in 2020 were joined by Kate Grunow.

Monthly Advisory meetings and annual revisions are still a part of the collaborative process. Each year, the entire 21things4 team (all sites in the project), local teachers and ISD facilitators come together to weigh in on technical updates and revisions.

Established in 2008

original creators

Original creators, (l to r) Melissa White, Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, the late Frank Miracola, and Carolyn McCarthy. The team created 21 Things 4 Teachers, 21 Things 4 Administrators, and began working on 21 Things 4 iPads with the REMC-RITS state group.

Janice Harding joined the team

In 2011, Janice Harding joined the team.

21 things 4 ipads developers

21 Things 4 iPads
Developed in 2012

In 2012, the REMC-RITS group began developing the 21 Things 4 iPads (l to r, back): Andrew Steinman, Stacey Schuh, Josh Bridges, Melissa White, Janice Harding, Kristin Day, Sue Summerford; (l to r, front): Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Brad Wilson, Andy Mann, Dr. Anne Thorp, Greg Marten, Tina Tribu.

Streamlined the Site in 2013

Streamline ipad site

The 21 Things 4 iPads Core Development Team began streamlining the site in 2013 (l to r): Anthony Buza, Brad Wilson, Andy Mann, Greg Marten.

ISTE in 2012

ISTE in 2012

The team takes ISTE by storm in 2012, rolling out 21 Things 4 Students (l to r: Melissa White, Janice Harding, Carolyn McCarthy, and Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore).

ISTE Seal of Alignment ISTE Seal of Alignment

In 2014, team members enjoyed the ISTE Seal of Alignment reception in Atlanta, Georgia. (l to r: Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Janice Harding, Valerie Coffey, Melissa White, and Carolyn McCarthy).

Reception in Atlanta Georgia

In 2015, the team welcomed Kay Hauck (Clare-Gladwin RESD/Gratiot Isabella RESD) and Tina Tribu (Kalamazoo RESA.

2015 Team

21 Things 4 Kids Launched
as MiTechKids in 2017

21 Things 4 Team

The team continues to work to promote any time, any place learning for K-12 educators based on the ISTE Standards for Teachers, Students, Administrators, and Coaches and best practice in education.

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